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What is Left of Little Hungary?

I’ve been drooling over the pictures of the Hungarian food blog Chili & Vanilia for months, so when I discovered the story about what Hungarian goulash is and what it is not there (in English, no less), I re-remembered p?rk?lt and naturally had to try the recipe over the weekend. I’m all about edible souvenirs, […]

A Quick Fix – Asian Udon Noodles

Instead of celebrating Mardi Gras in a skimpy costume to the beat of steel drums in Trinidad, I’m stuck in freezing cold New York stuffing two gigantic suitcases, preparing to take off for Finland. On days like this when food is just an afterthought, I often stop by the wonderful Japanese-Korean convenience store in my […]

I’m sure many of you fellow foodies get occassional nagging cravings that can’t be cured by any other means than a proper cooking session with the right ingredients. In my case the problem often is that I don’t exactly know what I want. A few days ago I was once again unsatisfied with my planned […]

Ajattelin ensin otsikoida postauksen “Antin ‘I Don’t Wanna Be Single’ Penne alla Vodka”, mutta olkoon nyt alkuper?isess? asussaan. Toivottavasti lopputulos on sama, j??n odottelemaan :) Penne alla Vodka on italialainen keksint?, joskin Italiasta sit? on nykyisin melko vaikea l?yt??. Ruokalajin historia juontaa 1970-luvulle, jolloin vodka oli viel? tuntematonta Italiassa, ja maahantuojat tekiv?t kaikkensa saadakseen sen […]

Miss? ros?pippuri kasvaa

L?mpimiss? maissa matkailun hassuja puolia on jatkuva t?rm?ily eksoottisiin huone- ja hy?tykasveihin luonnontilassa. Fiikukset, ahkeraliisat, joulut?hdet ja banaanit r?yh?tt?v?t tienvierusvesakossa. Kun kiipesimme pari viikkoa sitten Pueblan osavaltiossa Meksikossa turpeiden alle hautautuneen Cholulan intiaanipyramidin p??lle t?hystelem??n kaupunkia ymp?r?ivi? tulivuoria, keng?nter? rasahti ?kki? tutuntuoksuiseen marjaterttuun: l?ysin el?m?ni ensimm?isen villin ros?pippuripuun. Ros?pippurilla ei ole mit??n tekemist? tavallisen pippurin […]


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