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Teriyaki Meatballs

Long time, no post. I’ve been busy with work, and had a broken arm for some time, plus my apartment was under renovation, so apologies for long posting intervals :) I’m on a short business trip to Mariehamn, Åland, and having some extra time before my flight departs back home, so I figured this is […]

Lady Liberty Takes An Ice Cream Break

It’s good to back in New York. My New York, the unsung Uptown, where I’m enveloped by the golden vowels of Antillean Spanish and the throb of bachata and reggaetón from passing cars. The ribbon of park along Riverside where strangers smile and greet each other every morning. Bodegas where air fresheners are so strong […]

A Quick Fix – Asian Udon Noodles

Instead of celebrating Mardi Gras in a skimpy costume to the beat of steel drums in Trinidad, I’m stuck in freezing cold New York stuffing two gigantic suitcases, preparing to take off for Finland. On days like this when food is just an afterthought, I often stop by the wonderful Japanese-Korean convenience store in my […]

Mmm, sushia! Grr, kallista!

Vuosikausien viivytystaistelun j?lkeen olen tehnyt el?m?ni ensimm?isen maki-rullan. Yay! En muista, milloin olen sy?nyt sushia tai ylip??t??n japanilaista ruokaa ensimm?isen kerran. Paikka on kyll? tiedossa – Kabuki Lapinlahdenkadulla – ja koska se on ollut samassa osoitteessa yli viidentoista vuoden ajan, luulen omasta ensikokeilustani olevan kymmenisen vuotta. Jossain lukion ja fuksivuoden v?limaastossa kuitenkin. Kotona meill? on […]


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