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For many people asparagus season is the culinary high point of spring, but I couldn’t care less. But come the new season potatoes, and you got my undivided attention! The spring is very late in Finland, so we have to wait still for domestic new season potatoes, which naturally are the best in the world […]

Intro + Henri’x BBQ House

Thanks to Antti for the short introduction yesterday; a while back he asked whether I was interested in doing some selective cross-posting style syndication with some food-stuff I write for my personal blog, Only Slightly Bent. There was a clear danger in saying “yes” to this, as I found out already last summer that some […]

New Series of Restaurant Reviews

Doughboy has mainly been a recipe blog, but soon a new author Sim will start a new series including, but not limited to restaurant reviews. These are mainly targeted to our readers living in Helsinki metropolitan area, but I hope the rest of you also enjoy reading his superbly written stories. Sim is an ex […]

Happy 1st of May! Hauskaa vappua!

1st of May – Vappu in Finnish – is workers’ and students’ festival, and the closest thing to a carnival we have in this land of quiet, polite people who like to mind their own business. I feel too old to celebrate Vappu with the students, and don’t really share the ideology with the labor […]


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