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Chocolate Brownies

Anna invited S and I for a coffee today and asked me to bring something. Initially I was planning to go there empty handed as Anna always has plenty of super good food prepared, but a couple of hours before the coffee time I started feel bad and began looking for a quick and simple […]

Eskimo Pie

When visiting New York before Christmas, my cousin Thomas brought us authentic Nürnberger Lebkuchen. Lots and lots of them, in fact ;) Today, I realized that although the holidays are long gone, the last three of those German Christmas cookies were still lingering in the cupboard. I am by no means a sports fan, but […]

Peanut Butter Cookies – maap?hkin?voikeksit

Amerikkalaisten ruokien sarja jatkuu t?n??n maap?hkin?voikeksien reseptill?, ja aloittaa samalla leivontaminisarjan, joka p??ttynee jouluaattoon tai aatonaattoon. Maap?hkin?voi ja peanut butter and jelly sandwichit kuuluvat amerikkalaisuuteen siin? kuin ruis- ja n?kkileip? Suomeen. Maap?hkin?voi k?y hyvin my?s leivontaan, ja on olennainen osa satay-kastikkeessa. Monet pit?v?t siit? sellaisenaan vaikkapa suoraan sormesta nuoltuna tai sellerinvarrella dipattuna. Mukavan monipuolinen raaka-aine […]


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