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Osso Buco ja risotto Milanese

Tämä on ihan tajuttoman hyvää. Osso buco 4 kpl vasikan takajalan potkakiekkoja (Reini n. 25 e/kg) karkeaa suolaa jauhoja oliiviöljyä (käytin hanhenrasvaa) isohko sipuli 2 isoa porkkanaa 3 sellerinvartta pieni tölkki tomaattimurskaa (käytin puolikorkean Muttin) 1-2 kokonaisen valkosipulin kynnet viipaleina n. 1/2 dl sherryä (käytin Amontilladoa) n. 1/2 dl konjakkia (käytin kahden tähden Jallua) n. […]

Elk Osso Buco

If you are one of those tens of thousands of Finnish hunters who don”?t know what to do with all that elk meat they”?ve shot this season, read ahead. If you are like me and didn”?t have the time to go hunting for the fifth year in a row, read ahead. If you just love […]

Stinco di agnello al forno – Braised Lamb Shanks

Some time ago I promised to cook a Sunday lunch at my parents’ for the family and S. I was completely out of ideas and had no vision whatsoever. Such times call for a visit to my favourite butcher, Reinin Liha, at the Hakaniemi Market Hall in Helsinki. The market hall was opened in1916, and […]

The region of Modena in Emilia Romagna is home to the alchemists who make gold out of musty grapes. I have been to Modena exactly once, spitted out from a slow commuter train, missing a vital connection back to the unlovely student summer apartment I shared with two Czech biznes student girls in a mildly […]

Oxtail Stew – The Ultimate Finger Food

Late winter / early spring in Helsinki is not the greatest time of the year. After months of pristine winter weather, long brisk walks on the ice-covered sea become treacherous affairs. Snow turns into a dirty, shoe-ruining slush and everybody seems to come down with a cold. Hearty stews are a great antidote and survival […]


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