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Some months ago I was looking for an easy and light dinner, and ended up buying a box of premium brand ready-to-eat Jerusalem artichoke soup. Before heating the soup I googled its manufacturer, and found their recipe site, which suggested a bacon-tomato topping for the soup. Both S and I were positively surprised by the […]

A Quick Fix – Asian Udon Noodles

Instead of celebrating Mardi Gras in a skimpy costume to the beat of steel drums in Trinidad, I’m stuck in freezing cold New York stuffing two gigantic suitcases, preparing to take off for Finland. On days like this when food is just an afterthought, I often stop by the wonderful Japanese-Korean convenience store in my […]

I was backpacking in New Zealand around the turn of the year, and since I was on a budget, I bought at least one meal each day from supermarkets. Each and every store carried a huge selection of mussel products: pickled, fresh, smoked, barbequed or baked into pies. The common denominator was the mussel species: […]

Ranskalainen sipulikeitto

S?in joskus 80-luvun alussa spriikeittimell? kuumennettua Knorrin pussisipulikeittoa norjalaisella leirint?alueella. T?m? kokemus pilasi niin sipuli- kuin parsakeiton maineen 25 vuodeksi. Silloin t?ll?in kun ravintolan ruokalistalla sipulikeitto on osunut kohdalle, olen nopeasti hyp?nnyt sen yli. Sin?ns? kummallista, sipuli kun muuten on suurta herkkuani. Nyt tilanne on kuitenkin onnelliseti korjaantunut; eilen valmiiksi karamellisoimieni sipulien pohjalta valmistui t?n??n […]

Lone Star Steakhouse Baked Sweet Potatoes

Parin p?iv?n takainen thaibataattisosekeitto onnistui muuten mainiosti, mutta sen hailakka v?ri j?i kaivertamaan mielt?. P??sin miten kuten siedett?v??n lopputulokseen v?rj??m?ll? valmiin keiton ruokalusikallisella kurkumaa, mutta n?in saatu s?vy oli kaukana siit? intensiivisest? oranssista, johon olin Amerikassa tottunut. Perjantaiset vaaleat bataatit olivat K-Supermarketista ja kasvatettu USA:ssa. T?n??n kokkaamani israelilaiset bataatit ostin Sestosta. T?ss? lopputulos sen pitemmitt? […]


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