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I’ve been busy at work lately, and have had difficulties to find stamina to cook after hours. This weekend is a long one however because on Monday we celebrate the 1st of May, and it is a public holiday. It’s also pretty safe to say that the outside temperature will finally stay above freezing point […]

The Bonfire of the Vanities

After the calorie-laden Easter festivities, this piece of advertising from the wall of one of the huge warehouses along the Riverside Viaduct seems particularly appropriate. I want lighter fare – I want salad. I also want something that is really tasty. Proust was transported back to his youth when he dipped a madeleine into a […]

A Long Weekend in Toronto

Mix together equal parts East Germany and the United States, and you might arrive at something that resembles Canada. The main reason I keep crossing the border is that Canada reminds me of back home. Many Canadians share the pale colors and fine hair of Nordic people. Canadians also get really excited about winter sports, […]

Who are we? Our adorableness¹ is up for discussion, but we are siblings – for better and worse :) Personally I like to know a little bit of the people behind my favorite blogs, and some time ago Anna and I realized there is practically nothing about us as persons to be found on these […]

Chipotles & Albóndigas

This year we spent the week around Reyes (Epiphany) in Central Mexico. Of all the marvellous sights, tastes, and smells, those of Puebla are lodged deepest in my limbic system. The city is terribly pretty, full of Spanish colonial buildings, but somehow more ornate and painted even brighter than others in similar colonial cities you […]


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