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1 Myllärin Paras pyöreä piirakkapohja makeaan leivontaan 1/2 kuppia mantelilastuja 1/2 kuppia fariinisokeria 1/3 kuppia kaurahiutaleita 1/3 kuppia vehnäjauhoja 3/4 tl suolaa 85 g normaalisuolaista voita jääkaappikylminä paloina 2 isoa tölkkiä valutettuja säilykekirsikoita (sellaisia vajaan litran tölkkejä) puolikkaan sitruunan mehu 1/3 kuppia sokeria 1/4-1/2 kuppia maissitärkkelystä tai perunajauhoja kirsikoiden vetisyyden mukaan Lämmitä uuni 175 asteeseen. […]

Chocolate Brownies

Anna invited S and I for a coffee today and asked me to bring something. Initially I was planning to go there empty handed as Anna always has plenty of super good food prepared, but a couple of hours before the coffee time I started feel bad and began looking for a quick and simple […]

Pasha is a traditional Finnish Easter dish, especially in the Eastern parts of the country. It was brought here by the Russian Orthodox church hundreds of years ago, and is eaten to celebrate the end of the lent. You may know pasha with a little different name – pascha, pashka, or something similar. Pasha is […]

Once again, I broke up with New York. It’s an on – off relationship: my love affair with the City tends to grind to a halt by the beginning of July. Now that I am away from it all, I do get occasional intense longings for the rumble of the elevated tracks, for sleepy afternoons […]

I bought a can of Libby’s pumpkin pur? more or less a year ago, but never quite remembered to use it. Finnish Father’s Day was a little while ago, and I wanted to bring something easy yet tasty for the Sunday meal’s dessert. I remembered the pumpkin can, and read the back label which had […]


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