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Lomittajakin liukeni varhain uudenvuodenaamuna viikon talvihuilausreissulle. Matka oli erittäin ruokaisa ja rentouttava, mutta kotiinpaluu on tavalliseen tapaan hieman ruhjovaa ja rähjäännyttävää. Tässä nyt alkupaloiksi matkaa ennakoiva postaus (jäi aikanaan uudenvuodenhulinoilta viimeistelemättä) joka tunnelmoi eräällä matkakohteeni perushöysteistä, guacamolella. Reissun edellä jääkaappia eriasteisista mikrobiviljelmistä tyhjentäessä käteen osui kauhea virheostos, pari kuukautta vanha guacamole-purkki. Töhnän maku oli alkujaankin […]

Not long ago I spent a few days in Barcelona. Although my work schedule was pretty hectic, we managed to squeeze in a memorable dinner at Cata 1.81 in Eixample. Great wine, countless miniature courses of delicious morsels, and effortlessly stylish surroundings that put to shame New York”?s wannabe Barcelonas [insert your favorite recently opened […]

Antti’s Mean Jalapeño Chili

S and I returned from our US road trip last Monday, and somewhere in Indiana S ordered chili with her pulled chicken sandwich. I had completely forgotten that chili even existed. Yesterday I wanted to have something hearty and warming waiting for us when we”?d return from our walk by the waterfront. I basically had […]

Chipotles & Albóndigas

This year we spent the week around Reyes (Epiphany) in Central Mexico. Of all the marvellous sights, tastes, and smells, those of Puebla are lodged deepest in my limbic system. The city is terribly pretty, full of Spanish colonial buildings, but somehow more ornate and painted even brighter than others in similar colonial cities you […]

Eye Candy

Harlem is gentrifying like crazy. Crime is down, so brownstones are going, going, gone and craggy old warehouses are being converted to condos for yuppies as we speak. All this is so inevitable that of late even the crunchy socially conscious granola-eating, Subaru-driving community activist types on my block seem to have given up organizing […]


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