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Baby back ribs in pressure cooker

I love ribs, but making them has been very time consuming. That’s why I used to make them only a coupe of times a year until I purchased a pressure cooker. I used to think pressure cookers were a 80’s fad, but now I’m in love. It’s super easy and fast to make anything and […]

Antti’s Mean Jalapeño Chili

S and I returned from our US road trip last Monday, and somewhere in Indiana S ordered chili with her pulled chicken sandwich. I had completely forgotten that chili even existed. Yesterday I wanted to have something hearty and warming waiting for us when we”?d return from our walk by the waterfront. I basically had […]

Intro + Henri’x BBQ House

Thanks to Antti for the short introduction yesterday; a while back he asked whether I was interested in doing some selective cross-posting style syndication with some food-stuff I write for my personal blog, Only Slightly Bent. There was a clear danger in saying “yes” to this, as I found out already last summer that some […]

I’ve been busy at work lately, and have had difficulties to find stamina to cook after hours. This weekend is a long one however because on Monday we celebrate the 1st of May, and it is a public holiday. It’s also pretty safe to say that the outside temperature will finally stay above freezing point […]


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