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Sinappidressing joulun kalaherkuille

Bongasin tämän reseptin telkkarista jonkin julkkiskokin ohjelmasta. Hän kertoi reseptin olevan alun perin Ravintola Palacesta. Mene ja tiedä, mutta ihan pätevän kastikkeen lohelle ja vastaaville voimakkaan makuisille kaloille tästä saa. Sinapiksi tähän sopii perinteinen Dijon, mutta miedompaa makua hakevalle jokin pehmeämpi sinappi voisi olla paikallaan. Maillen hunajainen au Miel on ehdottomasti kokeilemisen väärti. SINAPPIDRESSING 50 […]

Not long ago I spent a few days in Barcelona. Although my work schedule was pretty hectic, we managed to squeeze in a memorable dinner at Cata 1.81 in Eixample. Great wine, countless miniature courses of delicious morsels, and effortlessly stylish surroundings that put to shame New York”?s wannabe Barcelonas [insert your favorite recently opened […]

In Finland this delicacy is know as “lasimestarin silli”, direct translation being “glass master’s herring”. It is herring preserved in sugar and vinegar based liquid, and spiced with onions, carrots, horseradish and peppers. Pickled herring is enjoyed throughout the year, but especially during Christmas time. I’ve always loved pickled herring, especially ABBA kes?silli (summer herring) […]

For many people asparagus season is the culinary high point of spring, but I couldn’t care less. But come the new season potatoes, and you got my undivided attention! The spring is very late in Finland, so we have to wait still for domestic new season potatoes, which naturally are the best in the world […]

The region of Modena in Emilia Romagna is home to the alchemists who make gold out of musty grapes. I have been to Modena exactly once, spitted out from a slow commuter train, missing a vital connection back to the unlovely student summer apartment I shared with two Czech biznes student girls in a mildly […]


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