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Eskimo Pie

Eskimo Pie

When visiting New York before Christmas, my cousin Thomas brought us authentic Nürnberger Lebkuchen. Lots and lots of them, in fact ;) Today, I realized that although the holidays are long gone, the last three of those German Christmas cookies were still lingering in the cupboard.

I am by no means a sports fan, but quite inexplicably I have been following the Olympics several nights a week this year. Bobsledding looks so crazy it’s a must-watch, and right now I’m keeping an eye on the women’s figure skating finale. (Also, NBC’s coverage is pretty hilarious, featuring heartwarming sob stories of adversity and redemption in the athletes’ mini-profiles, usually filmed against grimy Russian cityscapes). I’ve also heard that Finns are all of a sudden totally crazy about curling, although I’d swear last year 90% of the population would have drawn a blank on it – apparently Finland is playing for gold in the Torino games.

All this snow, ice, and strenuous exercise on TV makes me famished. Suddenly it came to me that the leftover Lebkuchen would be perfect for an ice cream sandwich. I took a really sharp knife, halved the Lebkuchen (they are quite fragile), scooped on some vanilla ice cream, and topped the whole thing with some fresh strawberries and kumquats.

I love the concept “Eskimo Pie”. This brand name (just “eskimo” in Finnish) refers a chocolate covered ice cream bar, invented in the US in the 1920s by a Danish immigrant. But an Eskimo Pie does not look like a pie at all, so I’d like to borrow the name for my creation – which was the messiest and most scrumptious thing I’ve eaten in quite a while ;)

Kun siirryin yl?asteelle, uuden koulun keskeisi? vetonauloja oli Puffetteja eli keksien v?liin puristettua j??tel?massaa myyv? automaatti. Er??n? vuonna viimeinen kes?lomalle l?htenyt koulun siivoaja nyk?isi ep?huomiossa j??tel?automaatin t?pselin sein?st?, ja elokuussa vastassa oli haju joka on j??nyt aikakirjoihin.

Olympialaisia katsellessa lumi ja j?? pysyv?t jatkuvasti mieless?, vaikka Manhattanilla talvesta ei ole en?? j?lke?k??n. Huomasin aamulla ett? kaapissa oli edelleen pari nürnbergil?ist? pikkuleip?? serkkuni Thomaksen vierailusta joulun alla. P??tin v?s?t? niist? gourmet-eskimopiirakan halkomalla keksit varovasti kahtia hyvin ter?v?ll? veitsell? ja t?ytt?m?ll? ne vaniljaj??tel?ll? (piparit tai muut keksit olisivat toimineet my?s). P??lle viel? kumkvatteja ja mansikoita – a vot. Taidan k?yd? tekem?ss? viel? toisen ;)
Aila ja Thomas, jos satutte lukemaan t?t?, l?mpim?t kiitokset viel? pikkuleivist?: olivat mainioita sek? sellaisenaan ett? t?ss? uusiok?yt?ss

4 Responses to “Eskimo Pie”  

  1. Pille

    Hi Anna, you just made me crave for the Eskimo ice cream bar – eskimo j??tis – that I used to have when still a schoolkid!
    Though the idea of “Eskimo pie” isn’t bad either:)

  2. Anna

    My absolute favorite is the humble Valion Mansikkaeskimo (Sigh). Really, it brings back so many memories. Hope you are not eating too much ice cream – you need to get over that cold ;)

  3. Pille

    Last Thursday – still sick and feverish – I had a 500ml tub of my favourite ice cream (Cream O’Galloway Sticky Toffee). Not once, of course, but over few hours (I still had enough energy for all those trips to the fridge). It made me feel good – as in “I’m sick and need to get everything I want to feel better even if it’ll make me worse in the long run”. It also made me shiver badly at the end, as suddenly I was feeling cold:)
    I still have a blocked nose, but would now happily eat ice cream without bad conscience.
    Haven’t had mansikkaeskimo, though it sounds deliscious! Will remember to check it out next time I’m in Finland..

  4. Anna

    Pille, my newest food obsession is green tea ice cream. Here I can buy it in just about any store, but in Finland I might have to experiment with my ice cream maker, as I’ll finally be reunited with all my kitchen gadgets.

    Great to hear that you are getting better! Let me know when you are in Helsinki, I’ll personally buy you a mansikkaeskimo ;) Sticky toffee sounds heavenly. My other obsession, H?agen-Dazs Dulce de Leche topped with dulce de leche must come close….

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