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Who are we? Our adorableness¹ is up for discussion, but we are siblings – for better and worse :) Personally I like to know a little bit of the people behind my favorite blogs, and some time ago Anna and I realized there is practically nothing about us as persons to be found on these pages. So we decided to compile a small About Us -page with a few pictures from our shared past.

Anna and Antti Bathing Together

Antti has recently swapped Boston for Helsinki, Anna remains New York based. We grew up in Finland knocking off teeth from each other and sharing the bath. These days we are separated by the Atlantic Ocean. Nevertheless, we still share a weird form of sibling telepathy. For as long as we remember, we have bonded over food “? this blog keeps up the tradition.

While Antti earns his living the hard way as a Project Manager in a software company, Anna enjoys the freedom and late mornings of academia. Antti is still a thesis’ worth shy of his Masters – previously known as the Project 2000 ;)

In our blog, we attempt to share our fast-paced world of flashy cars, slow food, and hip boutique hotels:

Flashy Cars And Hip Boutique Hotels

Antti”?s gourmet tendencies, eclectic dress sense, and flair for home decoration became obvious very early on. The only thing missing from this picture is his love of cutting-edge technology.

Antti Proudly Posing Wearing Anna's Pink Apron

Cosmopolitan from birth and equally at home on both hemispheres, Anna is seen in this circa 1981 photo taking in the world-class beauty of the pristine archipelago between Finland and Sweden.

Anna, the Open-Minded World Traveler

¹ Ivonne described us adorable in one of her comments to Anna: “… you and your brother have to be about the most adorable brother/sister blog duo out there! Very sweet!”

Thanks, we were profoundly flattered! We hope the rest of you like us as well :)

This page can also be accessed thru the “Antti & Anna” -link in the main header.

9 Responses to “Antti & Anna – the Most Adorable Brother/Sister Blog Duo Out There!”  

  1. Alanna

    Ai so brave, you two … everyone has pictures like these but who puts them on the Internet??? ;-D But I’m trying to figure out if Antti is SCREAMING to get out or LAUGHING like crazy?!! Either, way, he’s looking LOUD! Very fun —

    So nice to have Finns blogging in English. My Finnish is way too old except to do more than work through ingredient lists … perhaps the food words come back so easily because it was in the kitchen where I learned to speak. When I was last back, it was to visit my Finnish “mother” after learning of her Alzheimers. At first she didn’t recognize me. But over the kahvipoyta (sorry, no characters …) and laughing over puolukka kakku or something similar, she looked at me with big eyes and said, “Alu, se Alu”. So once again … it was food that created connection.


  2. Antti

    Oh, I’m definitely expressing the utter joy!!! Just taking the first steps of a lifelong friendship with a bath tub ;)

    What comes to the picture, Anna and I knew some readers, especially the Americans, might find it a bit risqu?. Here in Finland, where literally everybody goes to sauna in what God gave them, nudity is pretty much a non-issue.

  3. Pille

    What a cute pair:)
    Glad to hear that I wasn’t the only one blessed with a violent sibling – though my sister didn’t knock out any of my teeth, just took a bite off my back:(
    Re: nudity – for a long time I kept a picture of me and 14 girlfriends in a sauna (hotel Olümpia, 26th floor) on my wall here in Edinburgh. That caused huge excitement among my friends (and may I add, it was a very decent picture, nothing too obvious – although it was clear that we were all naked:)

  4. Antti

    Thanks, Pille. For everything ;) Perhaps I should add the picture where I’m running with a hammer. Not after Anna, I hope :) I think I only knocked off one of her teeth, whereas she mastered the skill of skarring my soul. I’m still recovering.

    Last time I visited Tallinn way back in 2000, I also stayed in the Olümpia. No recollection of the floor, but well below the 26th I guess. Next Wednesday I’m heading back to Tallinn for a meeting, and hopefully I have time to go to one of the restaurants you suggested.

  5. Anna

    Actually, you broke *two* of my teeth. And those were not baby teeth – just highly visible front incisors. And have you forgotten the episode when you almost killed me with a spade?

  6. Eszter

    Ihanaaaa, jatkakaa, vain, ihan kuin n?kisin itseni ja veljeni tappelemassa 20 vuotta sitten. Oops, 30. No mutta joka tapauksessa, thanks a million for this sweet personal touch to this blog.

  7. stevi

    You look beautiful.
    The pictures on your blog are awesome (i mean all of them, not just the baby photos :)).

  8. Ivonne

    Antti & Anna,

    I have run out of English words to describe you so I shall say it in Italian: Siete simpaticissimi!

    I loved those photographs!

    Anna, I know you were supposed to be in Toronto at some point and I sent you an e-mail … I hope I didn’t miss you. I would have loved to meet you (or I would love to meet you if you’re still in Toronto).

    If I did miss you, I hope you had a great time in our fair city.

  9. Anna

    Hi Ivonne
    I received your e-mail just before racing to the airport (actually, we ended up missing our flight, but that’s a different story…). My friends live on the Younge / Eglinton area so some of your restaurant suggestions were right on the money, and I also enjoyed your favorite cookbook store. I left my laptop at home to get a mini-break from work, so I was off e-mail – too bad I didn’t have your phone number – I would have enjoyed your personal tour! Let’s do it next time: I love Toronto so much I’m pretty sure I’ll be back soon. And let me know if you happen to come to New York this spring.

    Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for your kind words!

    Meid?nkin ensimm?isist? tappeluista alkaa olla kolmekymment? vuotta ja viimeisist? niin v?h?n aikaa ettei kehtaa julkisesti kertoa ;)

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