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Teriyaki Meatballs

Teriyaki Meatballs

Long time, no post. I’ve been busy with work, and had a broken arm for some time, plus my apartment was under renovation, so apologies for long posting intervals :) I’m on a short business trip to Mariehamn, Åland, and having some extra time before my flight departs back home, so I figured this is as good time to blog as I’ll ever get :)

I’ve been using my trusty chinese bamboo steamer on weekly basis to cook salmon, as with steam the texture and taste gets close to perfection. My new salmon staple has become a soy sauce – wasabi marinated butterflied fillet, and I really, really love the sharpness of wasabi with warm, fatty fish. After months of raving I managed to get Anna try this dish, and albeit she liked it, apparently her steamed teriyaki salmon was even better ;) Sucker to new recipes, I tried hers, and surely it was super yummylicious!

This posting is not about steaming or fish. Enough of those already :) Since teriyaki salmon was so good, and the teriyaki sauce sooo easy to make from scratch, I decided to play around and make someting else. First I thought making chicken teriyaki, but I didn’t have chicken, but instead a pound of fat free super high grade ground beef left over from a steak tartar I made the day before.

S loves meatballs, so making them instead of some potentially fancier dish was an easy decision. Since teriyaki sauce can be done in a flash, the whole dish will be ready in 45 minutes, from fridge to the table. Basically teriyaki sauce is just mirin (japanese cooking wine), soy sauce and sugar mixed together. Simply dilute one table spoon of granulated sugar to 1/2 dl of mirin and soy sauce each and you’re done. 30 seconds in a microwave oven does the trick. I strongly suggest using low sodium soy sauce unless you have a serious death wish :D In this recipe I used 1 dl of regular soy sauce, and after all that salt I still feel the bloat :P

Teriyaki Meatballs

2-4 Servings (950 cal total)

Teriyaki Sauce

1 dl low sodium soy sauce
1 dl mirin
2 tbsp granulated sugar
2 tbsp Brown Maizena or similar corn starch

400 g (1 lb) fat free ground beef
2-3 shallots
3 small potatoes
2 cloves of garlic
black pepper to taste
Mix soy sauce, mirin and sugar, and quickly warm in the microwave oven. Stir until sugar has dissolved.

Mix shallots, raw potatoes, garlic and black pepper in a food processor until fine. Knead the mix together with the ground beef and 1/4 or slightly more of the teriyaki sauce. Make small meatballs, and place them onto a pan.

Cook the rest of the teriyaki sauce with corn starch until quite thick, and pour over the meatballs. Bake for 30 minutes in 200 degrees celcius until nice and brown.

7 Responses to “Teriyaki Meatballs”  

  1. Alanna

    Nice to have you back! And this is fascinating, if for no other reason than the deconstruction of teriyaki sauce. I’ve even got the mirin …

  2. joey

    Great to see you back Antti! Although I’m sorry to hear about your arm…hope you are feeling better!

    This looks really yummy…I also love meatballs (they are yummy, cute, and versitile, no?) and this is definitely a preparation I have never tried, although I have eaten teriyaki countless times (even salmon teriyaki…yum!). Thanks for the recipe! :)

    I have been itching to get myself a bamboo steamer…you’ve just convinced me! :)

  3. Pille

    You did take your time, Antti! Glad to see you back, and I’m happy to hear that you’re feeding S well:) Teriyaki meatballs sound yummy!

  4. Antti

    Alanna, Joey & Pille, thanks for greetings :) It’s good to be back, I had actually forgotten how fun blogging is. Some Finnish readers have complained in the past that our recipes are too chichi-fufu and difficult, so I hope this meatball recipe is humble enough :P

    Now I have an itch to blog about steak tartar. Mmm, raawww.

  5. Anna

    Hi Bro
    Happy you tried the teriyaki recipe and liked it. Let me know when you are making steak tartar – I’ll be around until Friday ;)

  6. andreea

    delicious! love teriyaki and never tried it out like this… till now. something to look forward to this weekend.

  7. Antti

    Hi Andreea, thanks for stopping by! It’s been a long time since I visiten Brussels the last time, definitely one of the places I’d like to see again soon :)

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