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Happy 1st of May! Hauskaa vappua!

Sausages, Potato Salad, Pickles And Some Bubbly

1st of May – Vappu in Finnish – is workers’ and students’ festival, and the closest thing to a carnival we have in this land of quiet, polite people who like to mind their own business. I feel too old to celebrate Vappu with the students, and don’t really share the ideology with the labor union people whose day this really is.

Foodwise I like Vappu though. This is the day when mom always served sausages with potato salad and mead. The mead was always home made, refreshingly lemony, sugary and bubbly, with a few raisins floating in it. Totally yummy! I have banned all sugary drinks, so making a 10 liter (2.5 gal) batch was out of question. This year I substituted the mead with some dry Spanish Cava :)

In our family tradition the Vappu food has always been industrial – processed sausages, processed potato salad etc. But at least once a year I find it wonderful to pig out this additive-laden, so-not-good-for-you meal!

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  1. Anna

    Muistatko ett? ?idill? oli my?s tapana paistaa kotona omenamunkkeja – mmm… Ik?v? kyll? vanhemmat ovat nyt paluumatkalla takaisin sinnep?in ;)

  2. Antti

    Pakko uskoa nyt ett? munkit kuuluu vappuun – olin t?ysin unohtanut. Kinattiin siit? pitk??n viimeisen parin p?iv?n ajan, ja olin jo melkein ly?m?ss? nyt j?lkik?teen ajatellen kehnon vedon :)

    Mutta Krispy Kremejen makuun p??sseen? mitk??n muut munkit ei kyll? en?? v?r?yt? viisaria!

  3. Pille

    Champagne instead of sima??? You’re being too modest, Antti:)
    And as I haven’t had any Krispy Kremes yet, munkit are still delicious..

  4. Antti

    Pille, believe me, mom’s sima is 100x times better than any champagne!

    You live in a country with KK locations, and you haven’t tried them!!! I’m shocked and disgusted!!! – the raspberry filled is the best, IMO, and the custard filled a close second. Definitely worth a trip to London :)

  5. Pille

    Oh well, Antti. Those Krispy Kremes in London will have to wait. I’m off to Paris this week, so will be enjoying some culinary pleasures there instead and I don’t think Krispy Kreme will be one of these;-)

  6. Antti

    Pille, they WOULD if you had TRIED them :)

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