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Force Majeure…


Sorry for not updating the site in a while. The contractors working on the renovations of my building flooded my apartment last week. They had to remove the hardwood flooring from the whole apartment to allow the underlying concrete to dry. That’ll take a fortnight or so during which I’m not really able to cook much. Doesn’t that suck or what?!

As if the unsolicited water park in my living room wasn’t enough, my laptop started “leaking” electricity from its bottom. Even though I like the thrill of an unexpected electrocution as much as the next guy, I decided to send the machine to IBM for repairs. Unlike their superior service in the States, repairs take forever here  in Finland. If you know someone who knows someone who could poke somebody at IBM to expedite the repairs, please do let me know :)

6 Responses to “Force Majeure…”  

  1. MM

    Yikes, you poor things! Sorry, mate, the only peeps I know from IBM are in Asia.

  2. Antti

    The Asian dudes own the whole ThinkPad biz nowadays, so perhaps they’re exactly the guys I need ;)

  3. Pille

    Oops. Sorry to read about the floor, Antti! Hope they sort out the floor and the laptop soon (and you’ve just reminded me that my laptop is positively ancient – bought it in 2002)

  4. Anna

    Hei veli,
    tuu ihmeess? hengaan mun keitti??n!


  5. Emma

    Kurjuus :( vesivahingot ovat ik?vi?. Ja viel? kurjempaa on, ett? juuri kun l?ysin uuden herkullisen ruokablogin, puolet p?ivitt?j?ist? on tauolla (oma napa l?hinn?, kuitenkin ;).
    Riitt??p?h?n noissa arkistoissakin hetkeksi ty?p?iv?n viihdett?. Kivoja reseptej? teill? sek? ruokahalua her?tt?vi? kuvia!

  6. Antti

    Emma: Kiva kun l?ysit Taikinapojan, toivottavasti viihdyt jatkossakin :) Sain l?pp?rin jo huollosta, ja illalla olen menossa Annalle kokkaamaan (kameran kanssa, tietysti), joten eik?h?n uuttakin sis?lt?? ala taas pian tulla :)

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