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Doughboy 2 yrs!

Today we’re celebrating two years of Doughboy!

The Doughboy in real life - Antti savouring dough in spring 1978

Well, not doughboy the blog, but the Real Doughboy – me :) I was flipping through some old albums, and found this picture of me baking – foodie code for the ultimate access to raw dough ;) The picture was taken in early spring 1978, which would make me late ones or early twos :P

Mom tells that Anna was helping her too when the picture was taken, but apparently had some urgent matters to attend to at that moment. In any case, our cooking together (give or take one Ocean) dates way back!

P.S. Pille, I’m posing here in a frigging pink apron – I challenge you to return the white one! ;)

OMG, I just realized it’s past midnight. It’s my 30th birthday. If there ever was a need for serious comfort food, this is it. *sob*

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  1. Anna

    Hyv?? syntym?p?iv?? veli. Olet nuorentunut silmiss? ;)

  2. Pille

    Ilusat sünnip?eva, Tainapoiss!
    Oh, the white apron again. More than happy to email that picture to you, Antti – it is your birthday, after all;)

  3. sha

    thanks for passing by at my page
    what do u eat for birthdays

    when I was in Norway they have this blotkake
    cream berries



    hey pille… (sorry for this)
    get the butcher’s apron the blue stripped ones

  4. Pippurimylly

    Oikein paljon onnea my?skin jauhantapajalta!

  5. Antti

    Thx sisko!

    Pille: Tuhannet kiitokset sünnip?eva-onnitteluista! And thanks for your offer (will send you an email with my address ;) – I try to avoid that subject in the future :)

    sha: Great to have you visiting here, and thanks for your greetings! I don’t think we have anything special here in Finland for birthdays, just the regular birthday cake I guess. Which I didn’t get now that I think of it! Oh well, perhaps on Sunday when the rest of the family arrives :)

    Pippurimylly: kiitos, kiitos, ja tomaattiset terveiset my?s Rosmariinille!

  6. Polkkapossu

    Ei kolmekymppi? oo paha. Possumaiset onnittelut pinkkiin pukeutujalle.

  7. Antti

    Polkkapossu: kiitoksia, ensij?rkytys alkaa olla jo ohitse, kyll? se el?m? tuntuu jatkuvan vaikka tulikin ei-toivottu vuosirengas ;)

  8. MM

    Happy Belated Birthday! And stop grousing … you’re only 30!

  9. Antti

    Thanks MM :) Albeit the Big 3-0 still gives me the creeps, I’m slowly getting over it. See, Pille taught me age doesn’t always matter… ;)

  10. Pille

    Antti – a (male) friend of mine used to tell that you’re only as old as the woman you feel. Which means that you’re still well in your 20s then:)
    Me, on the hindsight, will stick to /- 5 yrs next time..

  11. MM

    Pille, your male friend sounds a bit pervy talking about feeling women up … LOL.

  12. Antti

    Pille, I had the same initial reaction to your friend’s comment as MM :D But thanks for the thought anyways :)

    I’m also relieved to hear you’ve decided to honor the age of consent from now on ;D

  13. Pille

    MM & Antti – I should have maybe specified that this particular friend belongs firmly to the past. For more than a year already. Deservedly then;) Pervy indeed..
    And Antti – I know I do look in my early 20s (khm), but he was definitely of consenting age.. You’re so cheeky!!!

  14. Antti

    Pille, apologies for any unnecessary cheekiness. And you *do* look in your 20s :)

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