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Read Doughboy With Your Mobile Phone!

Add to my Widsets“WidSets is a very simple and yet clever little service that brings information that you normally have access to over the Internet, directly to your cell phone. It uses mini-applications called widgets that keep an eye out on updates to websites you normally visit several times a day. This is done through RSS feeds, which push information from these websites directly to your cell phone whenever they are updated.

The simplicity of WidSets lies in its easiness of use. All you have to do is install the WidSets client on your cell phone, pick a few widgets from the library or create your own in less than two minutes in the Studio, and off you go.

Whenever the information on the website of your choice, lets say a news service, a blog or a weather forecast is updated, the widget alerts you about it and you can view the information right away, regardless of where you are.”

The previous quote is from WidSets’ web page, but for once I completely agree with the marketing hype. There are many RSS readers for mobile devices, but this neat little MIDP 2.0 application is super easy to use and also very good looking. It’s definitely worth tryiing out if you have a modern cell phone, and need something to read e.g. while commuting.

I took the following screenshots using my Nokia E61, and the content is from this blog.

WidSets menu

WidSets Article List

WidSets Article With Image

WidSets Article Body Text

If you like what you see, click the “Add to my WidSets” button in the beginning of this post and give the service a chance to positively surprise you :)

4 Responses to “Read Doughboy With Your Mobile Phone!”  

  1. Alanna

    Okay so that’s really cool and all and especially cool for a couple of Finns since the Nokia Influence apparently makes Finns esp Internet happy … but wouldn’t you actually have to update a little more often for it to be REALLY cool? Yes?! ; – ) (This is my way of saying, Hey! where are you guys?! You’re missed!!)

  2. Antti

    Alanna: LOL :D :D :D Point taken :) Will do my best to quickly post something less nerdy… Already have some nice food photos taken, just need the time to write the postings… My life has been way too hectic lately because of multiple projects I’m managing. I’ve also tried to dedicate some quality time for S.

  3. Pille

    I second Alanna here:) I’m sure a grown-up man like you can juggle S (first priority, obviously), a full-time job AND foodblogging simultaneously!? Just look at me! :) (The current irregular blogging is caused by the fact that I’ve got no kitchen to cook in, but I’ll be a good girl after I move back home and in with K. on October 15th)

  4. Eszter

    Here we are, equipped with wide band internet connection, a NOKIA mobile phone capable of taking photos and singing old Karelian melodies, a new oven and several other household gadgets but no posts to enjoy on our paraphernalia. No offence meant though, do we understand how hectic life can get…

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